Date: Friday 13th July, 2018
Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Location:  TBC

The 2018 Victorian NAIDOC Awards will be on Friday 13 July – If you think you could be the 2018 Miss or Mr NAIDOC, NAIDOC Patron or NAIDOC Sportsperson, you know someone who should win the award, or just want to be a part of the awards ceremony, please let us know.

Nomination Form

The combined Mr and Miss NAIDOC, NAIDOC Sportsperson and NAIDOC Patron Awards Ceremony is the first event on the Victorian NAIDOC Week calendar. The Award winners are expected to attend and/or speak at all Official Victorian NAIDOC Week Events as part of their professional leadership development experience. Winners are also invited to attend and speak at several other NAIDOC events.

NAIDOC Patrons


The NAIDOC Patron is an award which acknowledges Aboriginal community members for their personal and/or professional achievement and contributions to their respective community. The award is a self-nominating award. In winning this award, Patrons are asked to act as a support and cultural and personal mentor to winners of Mr & Miss NAIDOC.



NAIDOC Sportsperson


The 2016 NAIDOC award ceremony also saw the return of the NAIDOC Sports Award, which  acknowledges outstanding sports achievement and contribution to culture. We’re looking forward to celebrating and honouring the 2017 Sportsperson, please contact us if you want to nominate someone.



Mr & Miss NAIDOC


Mr and Miss NAIDOC is dedicated to acknowledging young people and their knowledge and contributions to participation and leadership in their respective communities.

The roles award winners take on allow recipients to grow and inspire other young people, tell their story (journey), raise issues about their local communities, promote NAIDOC’s values, network with community and other stakeholders and showcase their leadership skills.


If you have any further queries, call Janeene on 0413 279 087 between 9am–5pm Monday–Friday.

2017 NAIDOC Award Nominees and Recipients


[Photography by Charandev Singh